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Web-Power User Manual (pdf)
Presentation of the functions of the administration area.

WebProfessional Presentation (pdf)
A presentation of the main features of WebProfessional system, with detailed information on each module.

Web site built with Web-Power (*swf)
Presentation of a site built with Web-Power

Web-Power Administration Area (*swf)
Presentation of the Web-Power administration area

Creating the Menu (*swf)
Administration Area: insert and manage menus in the WP site

Creating Page Content (*swf)
Administration Area: create page content in the WP site

Site configuration (*swf)
Administration Area: general settings of the WP site

Inserting News (*swf)
Administration Area: Web-Power News Mangement

Setting the Layout (*swf)
Administration Area: choose and set-up the site layout

Using the Developer (*swf)
Administration Area: customize the site layout with the Developer application

* To view these materials, you may need to download the following programs (click on the icons):
Macromedia Flash Player e Adobe Acrobat Reader