filamto demoThe comprehensive solution for integrating, sharing and managing distributed corporate data on the Internet.

dB Tools allows fast and simple creation of customized database applications, providing instant and secure access to corporate data via Web to authorized users.


Creation of tables and relations

Access to data via ODBC and XML
Various layouts to view data
Access level rights for authorized users
On-line data synchronization

The system allows synchronizing various local tables or business databases on the web, query data, define relations, set up structures and view options. It is also possible to insert and update data directly from the Web interface.

The system provides structured connection to main business management systems available on the market!

Business data management via Web
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Tables and relations
The system allows you to define fields' type and format and to set relations, just like in a normal database, synchronizing its contents.

Data synchronization via ODBC - XML
Data synchronization via ODBC and XML provides almost unlimited possibilities of data management via Web.

Search - Query
Our comprehensive Query system allows you to choose tables and fields, launch complex queries, compare data and set standard or customized display templates.

Data layout
dB Tools provides default layouts to display data (list or form), or you can build customized layouts integrated with additional text and graphic design.

Authorized users
You can set different access levels for authorized users to the Web database application. The management of the user profiles and their corresponding rights is embedded as a basic feature in the WebProfessional platform, completely integrated to all of its modules.

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