Reduce call charges by using the existing connection and the PC-s.

The software-based IP telephony system for complete telephone networks in LAN (switchboard and extensions), Internet telephony and telecommunication integration to business management systems: CRM, ERP, Call Center.

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Calls at low rates using the Least Cost Routing feature LCR
Free calls between extensions anywhere in the world inside LAN or VPN
No investment in expensive hardware
Additional telephone lines without monthly fees
Management of calls and extensions, like in a traditional switchboard
Switchboard inter-connection and remote extensions set-up
Tele-work features through remote access to the telecommunication system
Complete integration to business management systems
CRM systems integration: incoming calls open automatically the window with the details of the caller

INTERNET TELEPHONY: manages calls using the PC's, IP or traditional phones, from the company's network or from remote offices by using ADSL and HDSL connections.

COMPANY SWITCHBOARD: manages incoming, outgoing and internal calls, as a traditional switchboard. Extensions can be assigned to all the PCs from the network.

COMPLETE INTEGRATION TO BUSINESS MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS: ERP, Database, Call Center , CRM etc. By assigning one or more phone numbers to each customer you can have a complete history of all incoming and outgoing calls in real time.

A print screen of the WP-ePhone integration
to the business management system (for ex. WPOffice )
enlarge image