The highly customizable solution for Help Desk and Customer Support Management.

It provides integration to your business management systems and to the VoIP telephony module - WP e-Phone, for complete and efficient management of support activities.

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The Customer Support process

Management of the customers' support requests

Assignment of tasks to staff through the group agenda
Integration to the spare parts store
Reports on the calls and on the types of support operations
Management of costs for any intervention
Integration to business management systems

COMPLETE INTEGRATION TO YOUR BUSINESS MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS for comprehensive management of customers, products, spare parts, warranties and service price lists

MANAGEMENT OF MULTIPLE TYPES OF OPERATIONS for the same call, and assigning various persons in different time frames

SIMPLE AND INTUITIVE assignment of support operations to staff

WEB SERVICE FOR THIRD PARTIES who can check the status of their requests

WEB BASED APPLICATION always available, from any location enlarge image

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