Advanced Premium Enterprise
(Internet Site - News / Private Areas - Intranet)
Menu levels 2 3 3
Managed languages 2 6 6
Graphic templates 4 7 9
Registration on searching engines Yes Yes Yes
Web Designer Tools Yes Yes Yes
News Area and Mailing Lists Yes Yes Yes
Upload - Download Area - Yes Yes
Statistics Yes Yes Yes
Export site on CD - - Yes
Private Area for users - Max.50 Unlimited
External applications management - Yes Yes
On-line forum - Opt. Yes
(On-line Catalogues & Orders)
Product Catalogues Yes Yes Yes
On-line orders - Yes Yes
Export catalogues on CD - - Yes
Variants and Spare parts management - Yes Yes
Credit card - secure transactions - Opt. Opt.
Data synchronization/Import - export - Yes Yes
Lists management and avanced discounts - Yes Yes
Agents and representants management - - Yes
PDA Interface - - Yes
Direct connection to PDF drawings - - Opt.
(Company Organization - CRM)
On-line agenda (planning) Intervention reports management
Integrated e-mail Calls management
Activities management(to do list) Document archiving (Opt.)
Adnotations and priorities management Customer and Supplier Contracts (CRM - SCM) (Opt.)
(Data integration on Web)
Data read/write management Charts management
PDA Interface Run-time Database Tools (no PDA)
(Internet Telephony)
VoIP Telephony IP Switchboard
Integration into the company system (management, database, Call Center, CRM etc.)
(Call Center Software)
Data import management Inbound/outbound calls management
Additional fields creation VoIP telephony
Follow - up system Flexible statistics